Fees include: Uniforms, Practice, Tournament Entry, Player Hotel Accommodations, Regional/National Team Fees (if applicable). Cost for player hotel/travel to national events TBD

2017-2018​ ​Season​ ​Club​ ​Fees

Age GroupTypical FeesIncludes
10U - 12U$8504 single day tournaments
13U$11506 single day tournaments
14U - 15U - 16U - 17U$16956 single/2 multi-day tournaments
18U$16954 single day/3 multi-day tournaments
High Performance 16U - 17U$19754 single day/4 multi-day tournaments

Mizuno​ ​uniform​ ​included​ ​in​ ​fees:

Age​ ​Group JerseyJerseyWarm-Up
10U-13U short sleeve jersey 1 spandex1 warm-up jacket
14U-18U 2 short sleeve jerseys 2 spandex1 fleece warm-up and pants